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What is Content

In 1996, Bill Gates had yet another amazing creation. It wasn't a new operating system. It was nothing more than a statement: "Content is king." No one understands this quite like the founders of Ink'd Content.

Content encompasses a wide range of marketing techniques. From blog posts to e-commerce descriptions, content communicates your brand, vision, products and services to your clients and ranks your website on search engines. In short, content is your opening salvo. Quality content is unique, utilizes keywords appropriately, is highly relevant to your website and written with both the human reader and search engine spiders in mind.

Why Buy Content

Why should someone else write the content for your company? Afterall, you're the expert - right? While you may be the expert for your product, chances are you are not up-to-date on the latest changes to Google algorithm or the latest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Being an expert in your field also doesn't make you an expert writer - often the exact opposite is true. A professional content producer understands not only how to write, but how to enthrall search engines spiders, all but compelling them to crawl your site, without losing your human readers.

Why Ink'd?

Content has undergone a variety of iterations since Bill Gates epiphany back in 1996. From spun content to text that is little more than a series of keywords strung together, the definition of valuable content changes, with Google's Panda and Penguin algorithms sparking a new emphasis on its importance.

Your content is often a potential customers first real look at your company - and it has to exceed expectations. Consider a tattoo: you wouldn't want just anyone permanently marking your body. You want a professional artist, who can throw in his creative prowess, but still maintain your own persona and message. Likewise, you don't want just anyone writing your content; you want a professional company with some of the best writers in the industry that will present your message and brand while appeasing readership of the masses.

And that's, quite simply, Ink'd Content. In short we can provide you with content that is:

  • Original work penned by some of the best writers in the industry
  • Customized to meet your specific needs
  • Optimized to appease current search engine algorithms
  • An extension of your brand, maintaining your company's voice and image


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